Become a Member

579638_401172336592930_891768406_nAre you interested in joining a welcoming community that is dedicated to increasing the visibility of LGBTQ people? Become a member of Our City of Colours and join a group that is dedicated to building inclusive communities for LGBTQ people! Being a member keeps you updated on what we are doing and ensures that you have a voice in how we operate.

It is $10 for general membership and $5 for students and people with low-income. Please note that we charge a small fee for online memberships to offset PayPal’s portion of the
transaction. Members will receive regular updates regarding what we’re doing and are more than welcome to contribute to our cause. If you are interested in becoming a member, please visit the following pages:

$5 membership (students and people with low-income)484449_420410858002411_1166793663_n

$10 membership (general)

If the membership fee is a concern, please contact us as we welcome anyone with a desire to become a member and we will work out an alternative way for you.



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